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Reinvesting in the sport of swimming for today, tomorrow and beyond.

At SwimIT we believe in the sport of swimming. We believe in the athletes that are the stewards of this sport.  We believe in the greater power of this sport to teach its athletes the necessary skills that will serve them for the entirety of their life.  SwimIT is committed to supporting the sport of swimming in three main avenues

1. We are investing in our future athletes by inspiring and engaging age group swimmers through our cutting edge clinics and camps.  SwimIT clinics and camps are built upon science.  SwimIT integrates both mental and physical fitness. We believe athletics must support the mental and emotional well-being of athletes as much as they do the physical well-being.  SwimIT takes great pride in helping the stars of tomorrow build solid foundations for sustained success in and out of the water. 

2. SwimIT is committed to providing the highest compensation possible to the worlds elite swimmers.  We are proud to help help financially support these athletes so they can continue to grow and inspire others.  SwimIT encourages all athletes to know and maximize their value. 

3. SwimIT SaveIT is proud to work with NCAA teams that are facing elimination.  SaveIT tiered approach provides options for every team facing this terrible situation.  SaveITs team combines years of political campaign strategy experience, professional writers for all copy and communications with the star power of Team SwimIT to create a a comprehensive plan to affect real change. We have successfully saved programs from getting cut and we stand ready to help every program in the country. 

Swimming is apart of who we are as people, not just a part of who we are as a business.  We are proud to be built around the uniting effort to give back, support and protect this sport. 


Private Stroke Analysis

Get a complete video analysis of your stroke above and below water. Send us the video you have or we will come record you in person. Email us to set up an appointment!


Come hear how elite swimmers think about their racing, training and their strokes.  Get your stroke video taped above AND underwater.  Get the feedback you need to learn and grow as a swimmer. Spots are limited to ensure a low athlete to coach ratio.


SwimIT SaveIT has successfully saved college swim programs.  We are proud to share what has worked and what to avoid to give every team the best chance to be around for generations to come. Email SwimIT and lets SaveIT.


Triathlon and open water training. Sighting, swimming in packs, strategy and technique for open water races and triathlons!

At home

Endless Pool and Backyard Pool virtual lessons

Do you have an Endless Pool or spa at your house?  We can do a live Zoom or Skype lesson with you! We will help train your technique as well as train your stroke rate and tempo so you can then train yourself more effectively. Lesson can be 30 minutes and up to two hours in length.


Virtual Coaching

We take great pride in helping athletes remain on the right track to achieve their goals. Set up a time to chat with one of our professional coaches and let us build your confidence and give you tips and tricks to be your best self in your daily training and on race day!


- Journal of International Society of Swimming Coaching

"We examined a new approach for accelerating the learning of efficient stroke mechanics: delivering multi­‐perspective live video footage and force analysis data. A preliminary study of the effectiveness of this approach with a small group of age group swimmers shows gains in ability to generate force of around 20% and to improve swim velocity with only two hours of application"


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