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SwimIT Services

Redefine and Rewire Your Motor Skills. See it, Learn it, SwimIT!

Everything we do at SwimIT is built upon science.  More specifically, the principles of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections in response to learning) and myelination (the creation of sheaths around nerves which allow impulses to travel more quickly).

The SwimIT program accelerates the learning process and strengthens retention by preparing/ teaching our clients the optimal mindset for optimal growth and following that up with highly detailed video footage before, during, and after each session.  In essence, the process repetitively and systematically paints a crystal clear picture in each athletes brain which allows them to send faster, more precise signals through their body.  

SwimIT integrates both mental and physical fitness.  Our approach is designed to give athletes a competitive psychological edge on race day while ensuring they have the mental fitness and emotional awareness to train sustainably. We believe athletics must support the mental and emotional well-being of athletes as much as they do the physical well-being.


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