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SwimIT SaveIT

Team SwimIT has been involved in helping save NCAA swim teams from being cut and we would love to do all we can or YOUR program.  Our playbook is simple and keeps YOUR team in the drivers seat.

  • In person (or virtual) meeting with Team SwimIT to help create and craft your teams unique story to tell

  • SwimIT professional writers help craft press releases, social media posts and website verbiage 

  • SwimIT advocacy strategists lay out campaign roles for the team going forward. 

  • Publicity from US National Team Members (social media etc)

  • Access and operation of New/Mode Organizational Plan

  • Monthly plans to fit your teams unique situation

As a swim community we need to work together to help stop NCAA ​program cuts.  SwimIT is committed to doing whatever it can to help.  NCAA athletes deserve to live out their dream of competing for their school and age group swimmers deserve the opportunity to look up to their local superheroes.