See it, Learn it, SwimIT

SwimIT was created by the combined philosophies of a Professor in the Health and Human Performance Department at Stanford University (Nicholas Wooters) and an Olympic Swim Coach (Mark Hill).  Everything we do at SwimIT is built upon the most recent research behind principles of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning) and myelination (as the process of forming a myelin sheath around a nerve to allow nerve impulses to move more quickly).

Our program focuses on this fascinating and mold-able nature of the brain. The generation of functional neural pathways is the force behind learning and memory. Of particular interest to athletes, neuroplasticity is what allows for the acquisition and retention of finely coordinated muscle movements such as swimming.

The SwimIT team accelerates learning these movements with mindset preparation followed by highly detailed video footage before, after and during each session.  Essentially, we are regularly and systematically painting a crystal clear picture (with examples) in each athletes brain so they can send more precise and faster signals throughout their body and acquire skills more quickly and more precisely. See it, Learn it, SwimIT!

This is not about swimming "right" vs swimming "wrong" but rather a more comprehensive level of engagement mentally and physically to ensure optimal LEARNING.  

Join us and harness the power of your brain TODAY!